Dr. Rebecca Andrews

Dr. Rebecca Andrews (TCM)
Hi, I am Rebecca, the principal Acupuncturist and owner of Cloud Gate Acupuncture.

I’m fascinated by Chinese Medicine, the human condition and the experience of self-liberation.

Over my 10 years as an Acupuncturist I have witnessed the powerful effects of this body of medicine.

I first got exposed to Chinese Medicine after a day hiking in the Himalayas when I was 17. After which, my mother took me to a medical massage centre in the Chinese mountain town of Dali. Here, all the clinicians were mute. Their sensitivity and ability blew my mind. I experienced a physical euphoria like I never had before.

I was hooked.

Travelling from a young age contributed to my ability to appreciate the science, wisdom and art of a culture outside of my own.

Recent years have seen me taking on a mentor and training role for the Yin Yoga community, helping them to apply Taoist philosophy and marry Chinese medical wisdom and tools to Yin Yoga classes. I’ve co-written and run advanced yin yoga teacher trainings at The Way of Yin 

Practising Chinese Medicine, running Cloud Gate and being a Mum take up a lot of my time. Yet outside of that, I’m falling deep into Tea. I study Japanese Tea Ceremony in the Ueda Soko tradition. I explore how we can use the experience of a tea rite to foster a deep connection with Nature.

If you’d like to know more about my qualifications, work experience or ongoing professional development, please check out my LinkedIn page.