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On Chinese Medicine and Immunity

Chinese Medicine has a unique and impactful contribution when it comes to the immune system.

We can apply techniques in cases when it is both under-active, such as the immuno-comprimised + weak or overactive when allergies, auto-immune conditions and inflammation present. This is exciting. A great contribution to public health. If one chooses to engage with it. We have the triple threat of, not only enhancing or quietening but also balancing. This is sophisticated medicine.

Present always is an interplay of; the strength of our immunity/ vitality and the strength of a pathogen. We call this ‘Upright Qi’ /Zheng Qi vs Pathogenic Qi / Xie Qi. 

This is potentially different for each individual. To have healthy and strong ‘Upright’ / Zheng Qi may need support at the level of the :

Immunological – directly enhancing the protection + surveillance aspects of your white blood cells
Hormonal – addressing underlying imbalance to improve function
Neurological – down regulating stress response, addressing mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Benefiting one part, you’ll benefit the whole.
Your best defense is your vitality.
Lifestyle matters. Most of the time we know people live their way into their disease.
It’s rare that you will die of an infectious disease, even during times of global pandemic.
The overwhelming majority of the way people pass is due to preventable lifestyle diseases.

Chinese medicine FAQs - does acupuncture hurt


It has been seen through  preliminary and promising research, that Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has significant effect on white blood cell behaviour and immune markers

In healthy people it has been shown to increase TNF gamma, IL 8 + IL 18
Elevated immune markers in the elderly to almost the level of a young adult
Significantly modulated the immune markers in anxious women

Acupuncture + Chinese herbal medicine has a focus on prevention, yet treatment can:

  • Up-regulate/ turn on / boost immunity in already healthy people.
  • Augmentation of the immune response  to prevent infection in states of immunodeficiency
  • Weaken the effect of a Pathogen. Reduce duration and strength of an pathogenic factor. 
  • Support convalescence, the recovery period

We do this through personalised medicine.

Acupuncture and /or herbal medicine prescription, the healing that brings is real and tangible.

Also, treatment at Cloud Gate Acupuncture we may utilise, cupping or moxibustion therapy, gua sha, massage techniques, counselling through conversation, guided meditation, visualisation, deep restorative relaxation, stress-management, dietary or lifestyle advice + resources to create lifestyle changes.

If you would like to discover how Cloud Gate Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can support your immunity , we’d love to see you in our Thornbury clinic, please book your appointment here.

Transforming Anxiety with Chinese Medicine

Transforming anxiety with Chinese medicine

Anxiety can be such so insidious. You can feel fine and then you’re hijacked by these paralysing and overwhelming feelings.

You can start to feel like you’re separating from your body, detaching from reality. A veil seems to descend between you and the world. Your mind and heart no longer feel safe and grounded.

You might even feel like you’re going to have a heart attack, pass out or die.

You develop a whole system of checks and balances nuanced to your particular flavour of control, all to avoid being triggered.

You become afraid of your anxiety returning and this creates a type of cage that you comfortably inhabit, because however restrictive, you deem it better than that anxious feeling. And this can work – it does keep things manageable – but sometimes you get stuck there and think it’s a forever thing.

But how to open the door? How to step out of the cage? (more…)

Cultivating Spirit – The Shen or Heart-Mind in Chinese Medicine

Shen or Heart Mind - cultivating Spirit


“Life is transformation. There is no life that is not an unceasing transformation.”

– Élisabeth Rochat de la Vallée


It’s the final month of our Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. As we approach Spring we get closer to emerging from our Yin state and the building of Yang will initiate.

Yang is light, activity, movement, initiation, action, the doing. On a metaphysical, spiritual and cosmological level the most Yang manifestation of a human, the purest Yang aspect of our consciousness, is the Spirit or ‘Shen’.

Shen is translated as something which is divine, marvellous, extraordinary or mysterious. In recent times we call it the Heart-Mind. (more…)