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Are you a tired puppy? The Adrenal Fatigue Lowdown.

Tired Pppy

In July I attended an industry seminar called the Adrenal Epidemic and got the download on the latest research about adrenal fatigue which is otherwise known as allostatic resistance.

I’ve summarized  what I believe you need to know, especially if you are:

  •  someone who suffers from fatigue, burnout, thyroid or hormonal issues
  •  are entering their late 30’s, living in the inner city with a really full and busy life, burning the candle at both ends and wants to age­ (in the words of the naturopath leading the seminar)­ disgracefully well
  • wanting to stay fertile & juicy and have an easy menopause.

If this is you, then please, get to know allostatis and cortisol.