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Pre-conception Care – An Holistic Perspective.

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Thinking about having a baby? It can feel mega, both emotionally, psychologically & physically  Add, a trend to have babies later in life, feeling the tic tock of the clock, stepping into the unknown, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Fertility is an arena in which CM gets a lot of success and notoriety.

If you are planning to conceive ,  Chinese Medicine advocates both parents prepare your body prior to conception.  The premise is to be at your optimal vitality and balance. This will in turn increase the chances of creating 1) The most vitality in your children and 2) Optimise your chance of a healthy and energetic pregnancy, easy breast-feeding and recovery.

In essence we are preparing the soil to plant the seed, then nourishing the eco-system to sustain growth.

Now, you don’t need to micro-manage your conception. Really. Even if it becomes an emotional rollercoaster or takes time.

It’s easy to want to control aspects of a process that is by its nature uncontrollable.  Getting stressed, frustrated and anxious about the process isn’t going to get you to your goal.

Relaxation is the technology that will yield the best outcomes here.

There is nothing to perfect, all you can do it stack the odds in your favour and roll the dice. Parental guilt can start as early as this part in the process.. thinking you aren’t doing ‘enough’ That somehow this is all your fault. Why don’t you drop that now?

Birth, Death, Transformations they put us in direct contact with the mysteries and the unknowables of life.  There are forces at play here that you won’t be able to fully understand or control and that’s OK.

Underneath are ways to stack the odds in your favour and things to consider. Not all points will be relevant to all people.

Look at where your health and your life are imbalanced and start with that.  Seek help if you need it. A practitioner can help you.  Have a good chat about it all, they can create some strategies for you. Customising a plan, that address your particular needs and set of circumstances.

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Check Your Sperm

The male factor is a factor. It’s also on the rise.

Sperm takes about 10 weeks to mature.

Sperm quality is related to:

1. The total number of sperm cells produced (sperm count)

2. Their physical attributes (morphology)

3. Their ability to move properly once ejaculated (motility)

4. The integrity of their DNA

Factors that drop sperm count include; elevated scrotal temperature, disease or toxic chemical exposures and also increasing age.

At this point, it’s unknown whether your diet, exercise, immunity, toxicity, hydration, stress levels i.e. health can increase sperm count, morphology and motility. But it sure can prevent it them from dropping.

That said, the greatest effect on Male fertility actually takes place in utero and in the first 6 months of a male child’s life. Increased exposure to toxicity, pollution and chemicals, have been seen to reduce the number of Sertoli cells (the sperm producing cells in the testes)

Average Sperm count has been measured to be declining since the 1940-50’s. Dropping from 113 million sperm per millilitre to 66 million sperm per millilitre. As it has been dropping faster than genetic factors would allow, researchers are looking for environmental causes for this effect.

A general rule of thumb, is that if you have a lower sperm count <40 million sperm per millilitre it can take longer to get pregnant.

Low sperm count is a biomarker for health. If you have low sperm count don’t despair, you can still conceive. We recommend to take it as a sub-clinical sign that there are areas of your health that need improving.

Address Any Gynecological Issues Sooner Rather Than Later

It takes on average about 5 months to develop an egg before your body ovulates it. Your health  during that time effects the egg. So if you’d like to impact the quality of an egg and it’s environment. Best to leave your self time to come back into balance.

There is a huge potential within Chinese Medicine to address female health issues. Stuff like PMS, lower belly & back pain, irregularities in cycle length, heavy or long bleed times are common but not ‘normal’ and don’t need to be tolerated month in month out. CM can offer solutions at the causative factor level, also, for syndromes such as PCOS, Endometriosis and Fibroids.

If you are older, FHS reading, ovarian reserve, cortisol patterns, thyroid health could perhaps be investigated as part of your preparation.