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Chinese Herbs for Your Bone Broth To Take It Next Level.

Broth Broth Broth Broth.. sick of hearing about it already?  Thought you learnt all there is to know about it, starting to think it could be a diet fad to rival green smoothies? Should kale and quinoa get nervous? Things may be blowing up in the media and people touting all sorts of claims, but really, but it’s a very normal part of diets occurring across the globe . It is especially present  in cultures where they need to utilise as much as they can from their produce and livestock in an effort to have enough to nourish and strengthen the tribe.

Not only that, it’s easy to make, nutrient dense, easily absorbable by the body, warming and welcome in the colder months and suitable for all ages.

More specifically, adding medicinals to your soup stock is way old grandmothers medicine in China. The synergistic effect of combining both food and medicine in Chinese culture has been understood and utilised for a long time.


Why I’m a Moxibustion Freak and I Think You Should Be Too

moxa 3


Sometimes I feel so passionate bout Moxa that I feel I could pop.

Why? Well
1. I’m a major chinese med geek
2. Because of the untapped potential of this amazing technique. It’s a true gem.


  • cheap
  • easy to use for most people
  • portable

Lets put it into context.

To start, what is it? Moxibustion is  the burning/smouldering  of the herb known as Mugwort (botanically known as artemisa agyii,princeps or  montanta)  that has been dried, processed & aged so that it is a punk (soft downy fluff made from the hairs & oil of the leaves) or rolled into cigar like sticks. (uses more fibrous parts of the plant)

Moxa is burnt on or near acu-points in the body.