A Survivalist Guide to the Christmas Party Season

WOOT WOOT! Summer has arrived!

Most of the Cloud Gate detoxers are finishing up their detox program. As the Christmas season approaches, detoxing is the LAST thing that people are thinking about.

Instead, peeps be gearing up to CELEBRATE.

Having a strong-willed inner hedonist myself, I have crafted a summer and Christmas party survival guide (based on experience) so that you can coast through this time, still releasing, connecting and celebrating but not abusing your body along the way.

party season survival

8 Tips for Surviving the Christmas Party Season


1. Invest in a Vitamin B complex

Just like always, PREVENTION IS BETTER than cure. But if you dive head-first into party season without following the tips underneath, a Vitamin B complex is the number 1 party season medicinal.

Late evenings, eating out, eating late, drinking, deadlines, trying to get everything in before close of biz on December 23… Your adrenals and liver are working hard. A top-shelf Vitamin B complex will flood your system with the essential nutrients to ensure your liver has all it needs to detox efficiently.


2. Keep up your exercise

Don’t let this go. Over the season, schedule it in. Take advantage of longer days and finer weather.

Regular exercise will maintain your metabolism, keep you embodied, boost endorphins, increase circulation, help keep your stress levels in check. All things that balance the excesses of this season.

Many sources recommend exercise as a hangover cure. In most cases it will improve hangover symptoms. You must eat before if using exercise as a remedy for a hangover. Tone down the intensity, as dehydration (that the alcohol has caused) can increase delayed onset muscle soreness.


3. EAT

Going straight from work to an event? Find a snack along the way – or even better, have some snacks packed. Quick, reachable snacks include:

  • protein bars
  • sushi
  • nuts
  • smoked salmon
  • turkey or ham slices
  • smoothie with protein powder
  • nut butters or hummus with different veggie sticks eg. celery, carrot.


4. Don’t Food Bomb

Now I know a buffet or a laden table can be exciting, but keep it simple. Don’t mix up too many rich foods or your poor belly, microflora and intestines will pay the price.


5. Mineral water is your friend

It’s bubbly, a bit fancy. Make it your first drink at an event. It will bring water into your consciousness, so you’ll be more likely to drink more of it. You’ll know where to find it.


6. Set your intention

Pause just before you walk through the door of the party and tap into what you want to get out of the experience. Is it to network? To connect? To talk? Laugh and dance? Download and debrief? Let go?

Whatever you want to experience, bring it. Craft the experience so that it serves you, nourishes you. Make it a conscious party.


7. Take some time out for yourself

Yin to the Yang man! Maintain your downtime. Read a book, journal, get a massage, take a steam, do a meditation, get SOME ACUPUNCTURE. Mini rejuvenations so that you can maintain your party stamina.


8. A bonus tip from Takeshi

(My partner) – who is a seasoned party veteran. Drink Slowly. He swears by this one.


What are your top Christmas party season survival tips?

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