How To Be One Of ‘Those People’ That Never Get Sick


The seasonal change is upon us, we are emerging from those last long glorious days of late summer. A few days past the Autumn Equinox now, the light and the dark of day and night stood equal for a day and now the pivot has swung. I feel the transition, the sweet departing of the summer warmth & light, in the beautiful glow of the autumn sun setting. We are starting to feel the chill at night and thinking about cosy warming things is still novel. The Yin is approaching. How you going to handle it? Will you thrive? or curl up under your rock and sniffle and cough? If your tempted to do the latter, underneath is for you..

The 7 winning habits of the super immune freaks.

1. They give themselves permission to rest and know how to relax

These people know how to CHILL OUT even in the face of forces pushing and
pressuring them to power through. They take a day off, unwind, and can rest quietly.
They cancel some commitments and deal with their FOMO, they know it too will pass.

2. They commit to preventative care

Chinese Medicine is all about preventative care. What does this mean? It means having a
functional relationship between mind, body and heart. People who ‘get’ preventative care
listen to their body and reap the benefits. They respect their body; accept its truths, and
then give it what it needs. They listen when it asks quietly so it doesn’t have to scream
symptoms at them. Most super-immune-freaks that listen attentively for a while can not
only give their body, mind and heart what it needs when it needs it, they can actually
ANTICIPATE it before it has to ask.

3. They make their Nanna proud

Singlet socks and scarf! Yes, they pull up their happy-high pants and tuck their singlet
in…all autumn and winter long. You won’t see them with bare feet, no sir-ee! Even if it’s
sandals, its socks and sandals all the way baby. They cover up their vulnerable areas
and keep them snug. Chinese Med heads know the vital areas to keep extra warm are;
your lower back, lower belly, neck and feet. They don’t go to sleep with wet hair or with the
window open in cooler months.

4. They move their bodies and get outside all winter long

They’re fit. They like exercising…it keeps them happy. Even if they didn’t love it at first,
it’s a habit that they’ve made non-negotiable.

5. They don’t have supplement taking issues

Capsules, powders, flavours – nothing phases them. They know Vitamin C and Zinc are
well-researched effective bad-boys for staving off bugs. They dabble in olive leaf extract
and Echinaca. They’ve cottoned onto the effects of oregano oil and probiotics. They
know that the majority of Melbournians are Vitamin D deficient in the colder months,
so even though they spend some time outdoors, they supplement with Vitamin D ALL
WINTER LONG. They also know the difference in quality between off-the-shelf and
practitioner prescribed.

6. They know how to cook to heal their body and do it regularly

They can make an amazing chicken soup and stock from scratch. They slow cook bone
dishes, like Osso Bucco and lamb shanks. They know how to include and work with
medicinal spices like garlic, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, black pepper and

7. They schedule treatments and seek assistance regularly

It’s part of their commitment to preventative care. They love their treatments, they know
it’s their chance to deeply relax, tune into their body and receive assistance from the
acupuncture. They address any issues that are showing up and nip them in the bud!
You are organic, you’re just like a plant that needs time and the right conditions to grow
and thrive.

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