Dr. Rebecca Andrews

Dr. Rebecca Andrews (TCM)

Hi, I am Rebecca, the principal Acupuncturist and owner of Cloud Gate Therapeutics.

I’m fascinated by the many facets of Chinese Medicine, the human condition & the experience of self-liberation. Over my 9 years as an Acupuncturist I have witnessed the powerful effects of this body of medicine.

I first got exposed to Chinese Med after a day hiking in the himalaya when I was 17. After which, my mother took me to a medical massage centre in the Chinese mountain town of Dali. Here, all the clinicians were mute, their sensitivity & ability blew my mind & I experienced a physical europhia like I never had before. I was hooked.

Travelling from a young age contributed to my ability to appreciate the science, wisdom & art of a culture outside of my own.

Outside of praciticing Chinese Med, running my business & being a Mum, I love hanging with my buddies and drinking wine, getting creative, playing ping pong, training qi gong in the park, going to yoga and dance class and dreaming up ways to get to Japan to snowboard, drink sake & soak in hotsprings. If you’d like to know more about my qualifications, work experience or ongoing professional development, please check out my linked in page.