Dr. Rebecca Andrews

Dr. Rebecca Andrews (TCM)Melbourne Acupuncturist Becky Andrews

Hi, I am Rebecca, the principal Acupuncturist and owner of Cloud Gate Therapeutics.

I’m fascinated by the many facets of Chinese Medicine, the human condition and the experience of self-liberation. Over my 10 years as an Acupuncturist I have witnessed the powerful effects of this body of medicine.

I first got exposed to Chinese Medicine after a day hiking in the Himalayas when I was 17. Afterwards, my mother took me to a medical massage centre in the Chinese mountain town of Dali. Here, all the clinicians were mute. Their sensitivity and ability blew my mind. I experienced a physical euphoria like I never had before.

I was hooked.

Travelling from a young age contributed to my ability to appreciate the science, wisdom and art of a culture outside of my own.

Recent years have seen me taking on a mentor and training role for the Yin Yoga community, helping them to apply Daoist philosophy and marry Chinese medical wisdom and tools to Yin Yoga classes. I’ve co-written and run Advanced Yin Yoga teacher trainings.

Practising Chinese Medicine, running Cloud Gate Therapeutics and being a Mum take up a lot of my time. Yet outside of that, I’m falling deep into Tea. I study Japanese Tea Ceremony in the Ueda Soko tradition. I’ve also been exploring how we can use the experience of a tea rite to foster a deep connection with nature.

I’ve also been exploring themes of reverence, Wabi, deep ecology, ecological ontology, interdependence and liberation.

If you’d like to know more about my qualifications, work experience or ongoing professional development, please check out my LinkedIn page.