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The Flower Blooms : Sexual & Reproductive Health Practices for Women


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Safe sex in classical Chinese thought is sex that does not drain the body of needed energy and vitality, but increases it.

Chinese Medical history is long and traverses time, to places where cultural norms were quite different.

The Eastern wisdom traditions of both Dao & Tantra say sexual energy is a possible pathway for awakening consciousness, divine enlightenment and healing.

That is what imbibes the language that they use to describe the body.


Detox: A Guide

detox bowl


I use detox as a clinical tool,  I find it makes a huge improvement in my patients, especially for( but not limited to) fatigue, pre-conception care, endocrine issues,  digestive disorders & adrenal burnout.

I always spend time, chatting with my people and really getting a sense of  what is  realistic and what they can manage. Aspirations can be admirable, but you must know what your getting in to, be invested in the benefits and be up for it. It can either be a pleasurable coming home to your optimal health or it can be a total struggle. Preparation is what makes the difference.

My programs are designed primarily for the inner city urban dweller who often has a huge demand on their energy and time. There is no fasting involved and they are designed to provide you with consistent and improved energy levels. I also integrate my Chinese Medicine perspective in tailoring a program to an individual.


Are you a tired puppy? The Adrenal Fatigue Lowdown.

Tired Pppy

In July I attended an industry seminar called the Adrenal Epidemic and got the download on the latest research about adrenal fatigue which is otherwise known as allostatic resistance.

I’ve summarized  what I believe you need to know, especially if you are:

  •  someone who suffers from fatigue, burnout, thyroid or hormonal issues
  •  are entering their late 30’s, living in the inner city with a really full and busy life, burning the candle at both ends and wants to age­ (in the words of the naturopath leading the seminar)­ disgracefully well
  • wanting to stay fertile & juicy and have an easy menopause.

If this is you, then please, get to know allostatis and cortisol.


What Your Naturopath Didn’t Tell You About Adrenal Fatigue

Chinese Medicine Adrenal Fatigue


Chinese Medicine takes seriously the importance of our relationship to the Earth.  It is concerned with our broken connection to the Earth, and how we can re-connect to its natural rhythms. By doing this, we can begin to harmonize our body, breath and mind to capture,cultivate and nourish our in-built self-healing mechanisms.

Older civilisations, such as India and China, have developed naturalistic cultivation practices to maintain, deepen, and draw from our relationship with nature. Recently I have been learning about Ayurveda, which sits alongside Chinese Medicine as the oldest known living medical systems. They both clearly describe this nature-connection and cultivation process.

In Chinese Medicine it is described in the physiology & cultivation of our Pre & Post Natal Essence (Jing) and Qi.  The Ayurveda speaks of our Prakriti – our inherent individual nature. It also speaks of the Soma, the Nectar of life and how the wise collect it and drink it in.

Below is the low-down on Jing-Essence, what it is, how and why to treasure it.