The 1 Thing You Must Do This Winter

The Yin Bear

This weekend is Winter Solstice, which means it’s the longest darkest night of the year. We’ve hit that ultimate yin phase of the year, now is the time to make like the bear and hibernate. What to do when Game of Thrones is already over?

Seasonally winter is the time to take to ground and REST,conserve, build strength, save money. Therapeutically this is the time where it’s going to be the easiest to restore your adrenals, re-balance your stress and sex hormones. Repair what all that flight and fight has done to your system or as Takeshi says (pictured underneath) sharpen your sword.

A great easy way to do that is..

tk feet up

Relax. Hands on belly, breathe fully & gently into your lower belly & legs up the wall from 5-15 mins/ day. If you have a progressive workplace this is best done in the afternoon when you hit that low ebb or otherwise at night after you have digested dinner. Try is out and see how you feel.

Nature gets still and quiet in winter & the environment is more condusive for internal reflection. If you have a meditation practice, you might find yourself getting into deeper states. If you haven’t ever tried it, its best to start with a teacher or group. This is an optimal time to open your mind and take a journey inward.

Winter can be a great time to connect with the light of the Moon & the celestial sky. We are surrounded by so much artificial light so to spend time outdoors in natural darkness will rest our eyes from artificial light and sharpen our night vision. It sets our circadian rhythms, increases melatonin production & promotes more restful restorative sleep.


Enjoy the Solstice on Saturday, find yourself a bonfire, look at the stars & let your pineal gland soak up the darkness, for after the days will start getting lighter again.

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